emotional intelligence educator

Edie inspires others to harness the power of emotional intelligence–the global or aggregate capacity of the individual to act purposely, think rationally and deal effectively with their environment. 

"Emotional Intelligence for Professionals" emphasizes the latest research on applying a balance of technical and emotional considerations to problem management scenarios. This course promotes cultivation and development of a healthy emotional outlook, when confronting stressful challenges. 

The class is valuable for managers as well as those who aspire to be leaders in any endeavor, benefiting both individual and team performance.





“The critical factor for IT success is not software or hardware, but “people-ware.” No matter how good you are with technology, if you can’t effectively work with people, your career is at a dead-end. Edith did more to enhance my people skills in two short days than all of the other classes I have taken combined. I highly recommend this course!” 
— Mark Schneider, Director of System Engineering Services ISSD, Express Scripts, Inc.