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"Thank you for consulting with us on the Hilton Chemicals Initiative. Your insights and knowledge of the chemicals industry has helped Hilton Hotels Corporation create a world class chemicals management program. In addition to achieving double digit savings over our existing chemicals programs, we created "best in class" cleaning systems that will propel Hilton Hotels Corporation goal of providing a clean room and public space to new levels."

"I have never met anyone with the passion for excellence to succeed, but the understanding that everyone can "win" in a successful relationship. The enhancements in products and packaging, exceptional training programs and ability to understand Hilton's internal customer have made you a legend at Hilton."

– David W. French, C.P.M. Corporate Director-Strategic Sourcing, Hilton Hotels Corporation
Hilton Chemicals Initiative

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"As Clear Channel Entertainment charges into the New Year, change of monumental proportions continue; in our world, in our industry, and within our Special Events Team. Three Valuable ideas from your Team Building seminar continue to resonate with my people. Listen to understand, trust is the cornerstone and respect the difference. The "practice" of these valuable ideas has enlarged our capacity to work together, enhanced our sphere of influence with clients and helped us to develop a strong competitive edge."

– Carol Kelleher, Vice President, Special Events, Clear Channel Entertainment

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"On behalf of Ceridian and our valued Customers, I wish to thank you for your energetic presentation and thoughtful message; "The most valuable renewable resource in the world is the Human Spirit." The opinions expressed in the survey leave no doubt about your important and valuable role in the effort to make our Customer Appreciation Event a success. You certainly made it fun to stay in touch with our Customers!"

– Annette M. Harm, Client Relationship Manager, Ceridian

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"It was my extreme pleasure to welcome and introduce Ms. Edie Varley to the employees at Kelly Mitchell Group, Inc. She delivered an incredible presentation aimed at leadership development. It inspired, motivated and most importantly asked the "right" questions that lead each participant on a journey in self discovery. Ms. Varley is one of the most charismatic, warm-hearted, and dynamic people that you will run across in a lifetime. Her personal commitment and focus to others, is second to none! She is a 21st century business leader that is dedicated in the achievement of other's goals, both professional and personal. Her inner spirit unites people, and at the same time, opens up one's mind to explore new possibilities that are held deep inside. She has an unwavering commitment and is a true inspiration. I would highly recommend Ms. Varley to any organization."

– Mark LoCigno, President, Kelly Mitchell Group, Inc.

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"WE ARE ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Thanks to the spirited presentation, Leading with Emotional Intelligence: An Absolute Advantage, you delivered to the senior leaders of Love Management Company, Inc. earlier this month. Again this year, we were invigorated by your energy, inspiration and the great message you deliver while having such fun. As the impetus of our company Whole Hearted Listening Program, we thank you for your continued encouragement as it develops. Having associates learn and use ideas such as, "the power of a "yes" attitude, begin with a smile, business is a theatre you are on stage, teamwork, have a plan, learn to be a better listener, set goals, build trust ... and the thought, what can I contribute today that will significantly affect those I serve ... what are my special attributes that I (& only I) can bring to the table," enhances our leadership competence. We are very grateful."

– Mary Rieser, President, Love Management Company, Inc.